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Chibi Drawings

      Hello Everybody. Welcome here and for this one, you will see some of My Chibi drawings I draw a year ago just to create a list for my sample commissions back then. Feel free to look and if you have something to say about it, comments,  suggestions and violent comments are also welcome.

       This Chibi, I might say 3-heads chibi was inspired by some fantasy characters I saw in online games as well as some fantasy movies i watch like Tolkiens “The lord of the rings”, Final fantasy series and many more.

       In the future, I wanted to create a body of work that would really sell and enough for me to open for art commissions, but I am not drawing full-time and I had to work to pay bills, rents and buy art tools that needed.

       So for now, please enjoy my works and I hope you like it.      More Chibi Drawings

About Me

Name: Frederick David| Birthday: 26 /6 | Nationality: Filipino

Self-taught Artist studying pencil art, colored pencils, and manga.
I really love drawing manga ever since I started holding a pen.
loves to read books/manga, and world history.